The best times to blog


One of the best webinars I attended in 2011 was the “The Science of Timing” by Dan Zarrella. I have a few books by Dan on my bookshelf as well. Dan has processed data over several years looking at how the timing of tweets and blog posts affect Social Media success.

This infographic from Dan shows some revealing facts about when to publish blog posts.

The best times to blog

Timezone is EST
If you want to know more about the “The Science of Timing” webinar, click here.


7 Epic Marketing Uses of LinkedIn Answers


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Kipp Bodnar Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 03:15 PM originally posted at HubSpot Blog

With more than 120 million business professionals registered, LinkedIn is an online marketing must for B2B marketers . While personal and business profiles get most of the attention on LinkedIn, the social network has several other valuable features that can shine for inbound marketers. One of the biggest opportunities for inbound marketers is LinkedIn’s Answers platform.

LinkedIn Answers allows members to ask and answer business-related questions. Sure, marketers can use the tool to answer questions and promote their business’ industry expertise, but the potential awesomeness of Answers goes far behind that obvious use case. With all of this awesome, public data, it’s about time marketers learned how to get the most out of LinkedIn .

7 Unexpected Yet Epic Ways to Use LinkedIn Answers

1. Use Questions to Generate Blog Post Content Ideas: Consisting of countless questions and answers across different topics, LinkedIn Answers is a treasure trove of content ideas . A big part of successful business blogging is starting with a strong idea that resonates with your target audience. LinkedIn Answers gives you just that. Look at the questions posed for your industry, and check out those questions’ answer counts to determine which topics are sparking the hottest conversations. Then use those topics as fodder for your business blog.

2. Develop Clear Marketing Personas Based on Prospect Questions: Marketing will fail without a proper understanding of your target audience. As a marketer, it is critical to have a clear persona (or personas) for your target customers. You need to be able to answer questions such as: “What are my customers’ key business challenges?” This, along with many other questions, can help you develop a clear marketing persona that guides all your marketing strategies and tactics. Use the advanced search feature in LinkedIn Answers to find questions and answers directly from your target customers. Stop guessing now.
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