TSC Rebrand and Website Design

The Total Safety Consulting website needed a total reconstruction

TSC Website-Design-Safety-Consulting-Company

Unifying a family of companies into one brand identity

The Total Safety Consulting family of 5 individual companies evolved over the years into a brand mishmash under various designers. The logos all had different fonts, inconsistent colors and icon treatments. The first objective of the TSC website design and rebrand was to unify the visual identity.

The original set of logos:

Old Logos TSC

The Original Set of Logos

The new family of logos we created for the brand is now related and identifiable as belonging to one company.



Total Safety logo design on Workers vests

On to the website design!

Because we were their one agency, we were able to create a united group of websites that uplevels the company brand. Each individual website gives weight and authority to the other and the related businesses share resources and clients.

The parent company website

The home page of the parent company, Total Safety Consulting, has links to each child company. Each child has a page of its own, linking to the actual website for each one. People now have a sense of the business as a whole, and what each arm does.


The TSC website design and rebrand strategy

As always, we dissected the audience, their headaches, objections, and needs. The images and copy are specific to each company’s purpose, mission and value.

We wrote several headlines , including:

  • “Planning to Keep New York Building”
  • “Safety Supplies as Tough as Your Workers”
  • “Safety Training…The Most Important Tool in Your Belt”
  • “When it Comes to Fire Safety, Your Equipment Can Save Lives”

The result is a high-level brand and unified set of websites that serve their purpose, value and expertise. Learn more about website design in our blog


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